Aerothermics – Savings and ecology in L’Atlàntida


AerotermiaIn cities with colder climates, Volumetric is implementing an “all-in-one” energy solution for maximum comfort in your home. It involves a combination of aerothermics and underfloor heating. Aerothermics allows thermal energy from the air to be transferred to our HVAC and hot water circuits. A highly efficient, environmentally friendly system that is safe, simple, inexhaustible and flexible.
The air-water heat pump harnesses most of the energy needed to meet the heating needs of a house from the environment, cleanly and freely. By means of a compressor, the air-water heat pump efficiently complements the energy needed to heat your home in winter, cool it in the summer and produce domestic hot water (DHW).
Since most of the energy is not produced, it is harnessed from the atmosphere into the home, the use of an air-water heat pump system allows savings of up to 75% compare to systems based on fossil fuel energy.

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